I LOVED this place so much that I couldn’t wait to go back, so made another appointment before I left.

Fantastic massage – the best Thai massage, in fact the best body massage I’ve ever experienced during the last 20 years. And being the massage and spa junky that I am, that’s saying something. I’ve received massage at some of the most beautiful and exclusive spa’s around the world.

I walked in and immediately felt comfortable and welcome, it smelled good and was quiet with peaceful music playing. I was asked to fill out a health form which showed me they were professional.

I was very excited to discover that they use a massage table – most Thai massages involve lying on the floor with your neck to the side.

Orn gave me a wonderful massage. Sometimes she was standing on the floor, others sitting on the table or kneeling on the backs of my thighs. She used just the right amount of pressure – not too hard – not too soft – and hit all the right places without me saying a word. She finished the massage with a hot towel soaked in Essential Oils – mmm! ahhh!

After my massage I was offered a choice of teas or water and left to relax in the leather recliner chair until I was ready to leave.

I definitely recommend Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa for the best massage experience in Christchurch – in fact the world, they are the best.

- Hilary

A serious body beating (and I mean in a good way) was EXACTLY what I needed on my return from 3 weeks of non-stop travelling through Europe.

Ohhh, baby it hurts so good!

I received an hour long Thai massage from one of the ladies at Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to tell her to focus on certain problem areas (neck and right shoulder). She just KNEW and proceeded to knead out my many kinks and knots. And when she cracked my back...it was simply the best feeling/sound in the world.

- John

If I could go to Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa every week, I would.

I found this place when I googled ‘best massage Christchurch’ in December 2013. My testimonial is long overdue and its time I gave the ladies the credit that they deserve. I have an appointment every month because it is always a treat. Anne is amazinggg!!! Orn is also amazinggg!!! Either one of these very talented ladies both give the BEST massage ever. They are both super strong and always manage to find a way to get rid of all my knots and tension. The place is spacious, airy and very clean. The relaxation area upstairs feels like being in a tree house and a feeling of peacefulness surrounds you.

- Sue

I hereby declare with honesty that it was undoubtedly ONE OF THE BEST, or should I daringly say BEST Body Massage’s that I’ve ever tried so far – and trust me I’ve tried many, locally and overseas. I’m looking forward to bringing my Mum here next time.

- Michelle

I first started noticing I was getting dark pigmentation when I was twenty years old. Seven years on, my face was covered in stripes of very dark pigmentation. This effected every aspect of my life and destroyed my confidence. I could no longer go anywhere without make up and was very self conscious, especially when I noticed the colouring was so bad that foundation was no longer hiding it. I started using GERnetic six months ago with great results. My pigmentation has faded to such an extent that I no longer have to wear makeup constantly. Not only did the products fix my pigmentation issues but they also have reduced the wrinkles and improved the texture of my face which was suffering from many years of neglect. I have gained back the confidence that I lost and can confidently say that the decision to use GERnetic was the best decision I have made in a long time.

- Victoria Wolfe

I first visited Wendy Barker at Beauty Progress after a bad experience with a facial from another firm in Christchurch where on two occasions after a facial treatment, I developed a burning and itching sensation on my skin and then flaking skin similar to a burn.

On meeting Wendy and after talking with her I visited her for a facial treatment. It was on my first visit that Wendy diagnosed rosacea on my face and that it needed treatment to bring under control. Due to my previous experience I hesitated to agree to a facial however after discussion with Wendy on her products I agreed to try it again. The treatment was wonderful, I could see an instant improvement in my skin and I had no side effects. I repeated the facial on a monthly basis and after about 3 months my skin had completely cleared up. As well as the facial treatments I use the GERnetic Synchro moisturising day cream and also the Cytobi night cream.

I recommend Wendy and her products to anyone who needs help with a skin problem or just for a “self pampering” treat after which you will feel totally relaxed and like a million dollars.

- Pauline Savage

Last Christmas I received a voucher for Beauty Progress.  This gift turned out to be a blessing.  Upon meeting Wendy I was impressed how friendly she was and how comfortable she made me feel.  We discussed issues I had with my skin, which included breakouts, dehydration and uneven skin tone (my skin looked red and angry).  Wendy explained the GERnetic products she would use during the treatment, which was a most blissful and relaxing experience.  Immediately after the facial I noticed my skin looked less irritated and felt smoother.  Wendy recommended that my skin would benefit from using the products at home.  Less than a week later there was a noticeable improvement, my face no longer looked red and angry, the skin texture felt and looked considerably smoother, and my pores looked smaller.  I now see Wendy every 6 weeks for a facial and it is money well spent.  I could not be happier with the results - no more breakouts, my skin is clearer, healthier and younger looking.  I have not only finally found a product that does everything it claims to, but someone who provides a most relaxing professional service for her clients.  It is truly an appointment I look forward to.

- Sharee Rettalick

By sheer chance I went to Beauty Progress for a facial.  I have had facials before but none compared to Wendys.  I would have to say that without a doubt, I have never felt as good as I did when I walked out of her rooms.  Because of that I subsequently went back to Wendys for a Therapeutic Massage.  Again, she is second to none.  Wendy is very talented and very knowledgeable about her products.  I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to anyone.

Marianne Edwards