Cosmetic Slimming

Intelligent Cosmetics for Women

Women both young and not so young have always been preoccupied by their figure and appearance.

Dieting, often unbalanced, and weight training are now necessary to compensate for a sedentary lifestyle and the cumulative effects of ageing.

Hence, GERnétic laboratories have developed NEW ACTIVE INGREDIENTS that encourage slimming.

Body Detox and Slimming Wrap

Your body will be enveloped in the warm micronised Marine Algae wrap and undergo a tune-up to drain the toxins, reduce the lipids, firm the tissues while you luxuriate in the warm wrap. Enriched with red and brown seaweeds, lavender and rosemary for de-stressing and remineralising your body. Highly recommended in conjunction with a slimming programme.

75 minutes - $189.00