Body Treatments

Within all of the GERnetic Body Treatments; the method of gentle stroking movements applied all over the body, working from the soles of the feet up to the heart is used. This technique is designed to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage.

This treatment creates an electrical symbiosis between the energy of your therapist and yourself, the reason being to encourage absorption of the microscopic, nutritional active ingredients found in all GERnetic products (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids).

This deep biological action helps to address the body’s internal deficiencies, so that the external body can enjoy a process of rejuvenation and embellishment. It is important to remember that your skin and external appearance are merely a reflection of your inner condition.

This massage technique using effleurages/drainage creates within you a state of total relaxation and well-being.

Body Buff

A soft exfoliation crème, especially for sensitive skin, this relaxing, gentle treatment to replenish your skin. Finishing with hot towel compresses and warm Aromatherapy Beauty Oil.

60 minutes - $147.00

Salt Glow Rub

When you prefer exfoliating grains, you will love the marine mineral salt to exfoliate, hydrate, nourish and stimulate, leaving your body smooth and sleek. Finishing with hot towel compresses and warm Aromatherapy Beauty Oil.

60 minutes - $154.00

Revitalising Leg Treatment

This leg and feet treat will soothe, tone and accelerate circulation and relaxation. To relieve and decongest hot, tired puffy legs and feet and apparent veins.

45 minutes - $89.00

Back Treatment

As within a facial, your therapist will deep cleanse, pamper your back with hot towels, and a luxurious massage of your back neck and shoulders.

This is perfect for problem skin, and after winter to refresh your back skin.

60 minutes - $129.00

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are due to external causes and always linked to under-nourished tissues that are poor in collagen and elastin. Several causes can stretch the skin and provoke, in some people, this aspect of space between the tissues that forms a kind of scar which appears dark brown, red or white depending on how long it has been there as well as on the age and texture of the skin. The synthesis of powerful active ingredients to regenerate, nourish and tone the tissues within this truly effective treatment is a tonic for your body and mind. A programme of treatments is recommended to achieve optimum results in your skin.

60 minutes - $129.00


Cellulite – it’s not your fault.

By absorption through the skin, we can nourish, balance and provoke better circulation enabling the old dead cells that make up CELLULITE to be “detached” and eliminated from your body.

We have ascertained that cellulite is always due to a cluster of old dead cells, attached to tissues, fat and muscle…, unable to be eliminated from the body. These old cells are poorly vascularised and stagnate in the tissues, thus provoking inflammation. In the end they become covered in fibrous tissue which is what gives the “orange peel effect”. The causes of cellulite are numerous and in particular are mainly hormonal (excess of oestrogen) in women, this in turn explains why the cellulite is stocked in areas aptly called “feminine” (stomach, thighs, hips…). The other causes are varied for example poor nutrition, in particular lack of vitamin E, stress and lack of exercise. TREATMENT BY ABSORPTION THROUGH THE SKIN

60 minutes - $139.00

Bust Care

Bust too large or too small compared to your body? When your bust is not in harmony with your body size and lacking firmness, GERnétic have very unique products and in-salon treatments to improve and rebalance the different organs linked to the bust. This is achieved by giving to the organism vital nutritional elements – Amino Acids, Proteins, Vitamins and Trace Elements.

Bust Harmonizing

For firming and remineralising, this treatment is perfect for firming the bust and re-balancing its proportions. Includes calming and soothing back and arm massage. Recommended for acne on face and/or body due to hormonal imbalance.

A programme is recommended to achieve optimum results.

60 minutes - $129.00